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20 Eylül 2013 Cuma


Eros Ramazzotti é un cantante italiano e ha una voce grandissima. Io raccommando Loro di ascoltare delle sua bellissime canzoni. Per esempio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Oo_73SlOwk

Winter is coming...

The fall comes... Summer is over... I do not know what you think but for me when the fall comes, it is the end of an era, and the fall makes me feel melancholic. Also, nature is like that in the fall, it prepares itself for the winter. Leaves leave trees, birds migrate to other places, maybe the nature prepares itself for loneliness which it lives in cold and dark times in the winter.
On the other hand, sitting with a warm blanket, fresh coffee on the table, rainy sunday afternoon, talking with people you love, watching your favourite movie for 232th times... These are the bright sides of the fall and you never find these little joyful things in summer. There are times you have to pass and there are times you have to live. The fall is both. Maybe its duty is to make you miss summer, maybe to make you forget about it. However, it is certain that it is a part of the life...
I hope you can meet nice people in the fall and learn to enjoy from little things in your lives...
(The image is taken from http://bigbackground.com/fall/fall-season.html)


13 Eylül 2013 Cuma

Potere, Dovere, Volere

"Potere, Dovere e Volere" sono i tre verbi molti importanti perché usiamo questi verbi spesso.

The Station Agent...

Today, I'd like to write my views about a movie "The Station Agent". (Spoiler Alert!!! If you want to watch movie without knowing anything, jump to paragraph two!!!) The movie starts with a little man Finbar McBride (Peter Dinklage) and his close friend Henry (Paul Benjamin). They run a model train store and Fin assembles model trains back of the store, both Fin and Henry are train enthusiastics. Unfortunately, Henry dies suddenly and he inherits a depot near railroad in Newfoundland, New Jersey. Then, Fin has to move that depot and he starts to live there. Because he is kind of introverted, he does not have many friends. Also, people laugh at him when they see him because he is little. Maybe that is one of the reasons he does not have friends. Anyhow, after he moves to that place, he meets Joe (Bobby Cannavale), he sells coffee and food in front of the depot. Joe has a personality which is totally different from Fin's. He is talkative, amusing etc. After a few days they become friends. Of course, I almost forget that there is Olivia (Patricia Clarkson) who is recently divorced and she escapes from city life, she paints and does many things to get over his son's death. (Not to give too much spoiler) These three suddenly become friends, they share special time together and help each other to get over their own pains and problems.
If you do not like movies reflecting the real features of daily life, importance of friendships, you may not like this movie. However, if you want to know how important real friendships are, how people's behaviour towards you shapes your attitude, how people can be happy without complexity of city life, how physical appearance is not important when you try to know a person, how important if you find your soulmates, you should not let them go, how valuable help of your friends is, how precious the true friendship is...
I think that is enough to describe this amazing movie, I also admit that I'm amazed by the performance of the actors although this movie has a relatively small cast. If you are at home on a rainy fall day, you can watch this movie peacefully when you drink your coffee and fresh smell of rain comes from outside...

6 Eylül 2013 Cuma

Riccidoro e I tre orsi

"Riccidoro e i tre orsi" é un libro che ho letto. Ho letto questo libro perché voglio imparare la grammatica e il vocabulario dell'italiano :)


American Indians...

"Tatanka Iyotake" or well-known to people as "Sitting Bull" is the first American Indian I know. After I watched Pocahontas, Native American culture and life style became one of the areas I'm interested in and I met "Sitting Bull" and the whole Native Americans in that way.
Their life is so simple and so peaceful that I'm looking for that kind of life style in these days, because in today's world life is getting harder and harder and whatever you do, you may not be appreciated by other people and your work can go waste. We should not make our lives more complicated, we should be happy with little things but most of the people can find it ridiculous and insane. What I'm trying to say in these paragraph is Native Americans know how to live in a good environment that is simple and all tribe members need each other's work. In a tribe all work is worthy and deserve to be appreciated.
Their respect to the nature is one the things I adopted from them. They are human beings with great respect to the environment they live in and sadly we forgot to respect to the nature today, and this situation will not be good for our next generations.
Apart from these, I like their clothes, handcrafts, stuff they use in their daily life and their spiritual thoughts and acts, because they are interesting for me and I try to understand their looking angle to life which does not aim "gaining something or possesing things".
If you are interested in Native American culture and life style you can find many books available, but I highly recommend you to check "American Indians by Robert J. Moore" if you want a pictorial journey to Native American culture. I finish my article with an old saying from Blackfoot:
"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."