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29 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Mentre e L'imperfetto

-Mentre cercavo un posto libero, lui aspettava.

-Mentre dormivo, mio padre é andato a fare la spesa.

Online Gaming and Some Critical Observations

Online massively multiplayer gaming is one of the hot areas in gaming industry and there is really huge profit there. However, is making a multiplayer game and wait people to play them a good idea? Of course not. To attract people, there are some advertising strategies. First of all, using social media and giving ads to social platforms are effective ways. Lots of people spend most of their time in social media platforms, so attracting people and making them play your game on social media environments is much more convenient than giving TV commercials. Secondly, do not bother players with e-mails. This technique is used some of game companies and honestly I hate these mails, because if I find your game fun and worth to play, I can play any time, you guys do not have to bother me with these junk mails. Finally, if you are game developer, you should not miss game conventions and game jams for advertising purposes. Either amateur or professional, you can register and attend to these game events and you can show your game(s) to everyone interested in.
This image is taken from: www.forbes.com
Apart from advertising techniques, there are certain criterias that should be in and should not be in your game. First of all that came into my mind is do not make your game *f2p and *p2w at the same time. At first, people may be attracted to your game because of f2p feature. However, later they can realize that they have to pay to continue playing your game. This may result in huge amount of loss in your player number, so do not treat them as your customers, treat them as fellow gamers. Another thing is that do not make a game that you do not want to play. After you finish development stage, play your game yourself with your close friends. If you get enough fun out of it, people may like it as well. Also, this stage may be considered as closed beta and help you to find bugs and correct them in earlier stages. Last factor I want to mention in this article is that keep your game up to date. Creating new and special events like halloween, christmas, valentine's day and making special offers to players can keep your games alive and they can be much more fun. However, do not force players to sell things in these special occasions, just make your offers and watch the results and be fair to both coiner and non-coiner players in your games, cheers :)
(These article is written according to my personal experiences in some online multiplayer games, after I observe other critical issues, I'm glad to share in this blog)

*f2p: Free to play
*p2w: Pay to win


22 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

I pronomi diretti e indiretti

                          Indiretti                   Diretti

Io                         mi                          mi

tu                          ti                            ti

lui                         gli                           lo

lei                          le                           la

Lei                        Le                          La

noi                        ci                            ci

voi                        vi                            vi

loro                    *gli/loro                      le

Loro                   *Gli/Loro                   Le

*p.s Loro/loro viene dopo un verbo ma gli/Gli viene prima un verbo.


This image is taken from: celebritiesdogood.com
I met One Republic in 2007 while I was listening to "Stop and Stare". At first, I thought they were just another boy band and they want to get girls' attention, but then I realized something different and beautiful in their songs. They were not making songs with familiar background music. Instead, they play the instruments to produce different melodies. That appealed me and I continued to listen to their songs. By then, I discovered amazing songs of them such as "Apologize","All The Right Moves","Come Home","Say (All I Need)","Good Life" etc. Now I want to give you a link to the song "Good Life", and I'm sure that you will notice the difference between One Republic and other bands while you listen this song. Click on the link

15 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Imparare L'italiano

Io imparo L'italiano, non sono molto professionale ma ho coraggio di imparare L'italiano rapidamente. Molto grazie per Pelin Akalan perché lei ha molti talenti di insegnare L'italiano. Voglio finisco il mio articolo con la piu frase famoso mio: Ciao ci vediamo :)


Zach Braff

The image is taken from www.bbc.co.uk

I saw this man in "Scrubs" TV series first, his mimics, his behaviour and his acting were so real and unexaggerated that I feel that I'm watching some random guy on the street, it was so untouched... I thought I guess this man is funny in his personal life too, because the things he did on his performances cannot be explained with the word "acting", he just plays like himself, at least I felt that way. At first, I did not know that he made a couple of movies of drama genre, but then I watched "The Garden State", and I enjoyed every milisecond of that movie. Furthermore, this was a proof that he can play in movies with sad back story and full of emotion. In addition to these, he can direct movies, that means he will not disappear after he quits his acting career. I'm sure he will present us great movies from different genres.
You are one of my favourite actors Zach Braff, and I hope you stay like yourself all the time, do not leave us alone like my other favourite actor Robin Williams does... (p.s. Yeah he looks like Dax Shaperd but they are not related

8 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Il modo imperativo

                             - are                       -ere                       -ire                   -isc

Io                            X                           X                          X                     X

Tu                           a                            i                            i                      isci

lui/lei/Lei                  i                             a                           a                     isca

Noi                        iamo                       iamo                      iamo               iammo

Voi                         ate                          ete                         ite                    ite

Loro                       ino                         ano                        ano                 iscano

Ailantus Altissima

This image is taken from:commons.wikimedia.org
Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite topics, trees. I like all kind of trees in general, but some of them affect me more than I thought. Sometimes, when I smell the air while walking by a tree, I feel like I'm child again. Other trees reminds me different things. Maybe they remind me the trees of my childhood neighbourhood, maybe they just remind me their friends cut by people. The tree of this week is "Ailantus Altissima" or publicly known as "Tree of Heaven".
I don't know why do people call this tree "Tree of Heaven", because I cannot say that it smells good :) It is not a very beautiful creature. However, there is something in this tree that it makes me feel alive and energetic. If I were a tree, this tree would be the one I wanted to be. Maybe, this tree just reminds me myself, because it can resist hard conditions like I do :) It can adopt different environments like I do, it smells bad like... Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys that I love this tree and I'll post photos of this tree after I take them, that's it for now, see you later :)


1 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Ascoltate per favore :)

Io recommendo vi di smettere di fumare e non pensare molto in Turchia o vi dovete livere infelicemente, ciao ci vediamo :)


The Last of The Mohicans

I tried to watch this movie without subtitles, but I couldn't :) The accent was so British which I am not used to it, so I had to follow subtitles. Unlike lots of movies, The Last of The Mohicans does not have scenes filmed in so many locations. Some dialogues occur in some certain locations and then main characters go to another location and so on. Thus, if you like movies uses endless locations and less dialogues in it, you may not like this movie.
The thing makes The Last of The Mohicans interesting and attractive for me is the reality of the characters, scenes and locations I feel from the screen. Costumes, lights and environments are so realistic that you sometimes forget that you are at home. It is like running with these Indians in the forest together or rowing together in the boats.
This image is taken from: www.flickeringmyth.com
I almost forget. The music :) One of the best soundtrack albums I have ever seen in my life is used in this movie. Songs are written in such a way that it attracts you to be an Indian and fight with those evil people. Encouragement, attractiveness, beauty... This movie is like a masterpiece for me and it will be a well-known pattern for Indian movies which will be directed in near future. (In this article I tried not to give any spoiler, so I kept the article a little bit short) I want to end my article with a famous quote of Chingachgook " Great Spirit, Maker of All Life. A warrior goes to you swift and straight as an arrow shot into the sun. Welcome him and let him take his place at the council fire of my people. He is Uncas, my son. Tell them to be patient and ask death for speed; for they are all there but one - I, Chingachgook - Last of the Mohicans." IMDB