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26 Eylül 2014 Cuma

La, Le, Il, I o Gli???

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-Le ali (L'ala)

-Le armi (L'arma)

-Le uova (L'uovo) M in singular, F in plural :)

-La mano (Le mani) F in singular F in plural but mano!!!

Python Classes, Inheritance & Polymorphism

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In my article on this blog called "Python", I have discussed some aspects of Python programming languages. I said that Python is great for novice programmers, it is easy to learn, it encourages clean coding and I still behind what I said before :) Later days, I improved my Python experience and designed a few basic classes, implemented inheritance and polymorphism in those classes. As a result, I saw that unlike C++, Python classes are so much easier to implement and design. You do not have deal with virtual keywords and you do not have to care about which data type you use, because as you know Python is dynamically typed language. Thus, if you deal with Python some day, you will notice that it is a great programming language and your mind will compare it with other programming languages without your will, thanks...


19 Eylül 2014 Cuma

When do we use the article "lo" in italian?

- If there is any masculine word beginning with a wovel.

e.g. L'albergo = Lo albergo
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- If there is a word beginning with "ps"

e.g. Lo psicologo

-If there is a word beginning with "z"

e.g. Lo zucchero

- If there is a word beginning with "gn"

e.g. Lo gnocco.

Bridge to Terabithia

The image is taken from www.fanpop.com
The movie changed my life, the movie changed my life expectations, the movie changed my feelings towards everything, the movie changed me...
Bridge to Terabithia is an outstanding book written by Katherine Paterson based on a true friendship which we cannot find in our lives even one slice of it. The movie is filmed based on the book and directed by Gabor Gsupo. It was released in February 2007 and DVDs are available in stores.
As I said, the movie is based on true and pure friendship. However, this friendship is mixed with some fantastic features which makes the movie so special. I do not want to give you any spoiler about the movie but I'm sure that after you watch the movie you will realize that monetary things in your life does not worth anything, but the only remaining thing in your life will be friendship. I hope you can watch this movie, and take same pleasure like I did. Have a nice day... IMDB Link


12 Eylül 2014 Cuma


- Chi é il turista?

- Il turista é una persona che visita ad un paese.

- Chi sei tu?

- Io sono un ingegnere che costruisco il computer.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

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On these days, I'm into Pokemon Trading Card Game, because I'm bored playing same games again and again, then I decided to search different genres. Then, I found Pokemon TCG. At the first glance, the game does not welcome you with amazing graphics and amazing game animations. However, playibility and fun of the game is just amazing. You can learn the game in a few minutes, then you can build your own pokemon decks by earning player tokens, buy stuff from shop by using these tokens and challenge other online players and add them as friends. Because of all these reasons, the game is worth to play. At least, you should give a try. By the way, although the game has a shop, real life money does not make a huge difference on this platform, you can easily gain tokens by playing the game and defeating online players, so if you are looking for a challenging game, this game is perfect for you. Have fun :) Game link
This image is taken from www.pokemon.com
(p.s Try to trade cards with better ones, by doing that you can build a strong deck)
TCG: Trading Card Game

5 Eylül 2014 Cuma

Il futuro semplice & Il futuro anteriore

e.g. Quando saro andato a casa, mangero. (Anteriore)
      Dopo che avremo studiato, prenderemo un caffe e guarderemo un film. (Anteriore)

      Lo sai, andro alla citta per affari. (Semplice)

Napoleon Total War

This image is taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon:_Total_War
Another game of famous Total War series which is released in 2010 after his older brother Empire Total War. Although the game interface is similar to his brother Empire Total War, there are some aspects of the game different from older games. For example, instead of a great campaign, the game has little sub-campaigns which happen in different regions of Europe such as in Spain, Italy etc. Also, I have to state that I did not experience any problem such as "Napoleon Total War has stopped working" which I get a lot when playing Empire Total War. As a result, this game seems to be an improved and bug fixed version of Empire Total War. However, I do not say that it is a complete and playable for hours game, rather it seems a mini game released after Empire Total War, but if you are a Total War fan like me, I'm sure that you will enjoy the game as much as I did...