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21 Şubat 2016 Pazar

GTA San Andreas

This image is taken from gta.wikia.com
Before I played GTA San Andreas, I had played GTA III and GTA Vice City and to be honest, I did not think that GTA San Andreas would be different from these games, but thanks to God I was wrong :) Although all these three games use the same game engine, playing GTA San Andreas was much more fun to me, because of some reasons. Firstly, map is huge! I have to admit that sometimes I got lost in the game and I had to follow some road signs to get to somewhere. There are countryside roads in the game which is designed so cleverly that although there is not a huge distance between cities, roads make this distance bigger. That's why, you feel that you play in a huge map. That's one of the illusions that GTA San Andreas gives you. Secondly, character customization is great in this game. In the earlier GTA games, all of you know that the only thing we can change about the character was their clothes. However, in the GTA San Andreas, you can experience how to dress, how to eat, how to bodybuild or how to take care of your girlfriend(s). In that way, you can customize your character or you can play the game multiple times with different characters you create. Finally, there are many different mission types in the game. Stealing a car, a helicopter or a police car is all common in all GTA games, but stealing secret military vehicles or trains was only possible in this game for the first time. That's why, using different types of vehicles result in different and more mission types. All of these properties make the GTA San Andreas my favourite GTA game. Although you may not like or you may be disappointed by the graphics, I have to remind you that graphics are not everything for a game, gameplay is much more important. Take care...


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