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10 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

"Medieval II Total War"

This week I want to talk about a different subject which is a computer game: "Medieval II Total War". The most of the things I met in my life were just coincidence and "Medieval II Total War" was one of them. When I went to the store to buy a game, I noticed this game, but at first I did not want to buy it, because I had never played a strategy game and I did not want to be disappointed. However, after I picked up it and turned the game box back, I was impressed (Still today I admire the design and content of the box). Then I bought it.
I'm not a person who plays the computer games with tutorials or learns from online videos, I'd prefer to learn a game by just playing it, and I think this way is much more fun. Anyway, after I played the game a couple of hours, my respect to this game was increased because of the graphics, playibility, sounds (especially sounds, even today sometimes I find myself mumble the melodies of the game somewhere weird places such as: a bus, a classroom, a bathroom, a lunchline etc.), and the story behind the game (medieval countries). After playing this game, I searched the Internet and I found that there were other total war games like; Rome Total War, Shogun Total War. Next, I decided to keep in touch with new total war games.
I bought Empire Total War, and Napoleon Total War too, but if you ask me if they are better than "Medieval II Total War", I say "No", because this game was a milestone for me and I found nothing newly impressive in new total war games, yes they have amazing graphics, maybe better AI, sea wars, but I just could not find the same taste that I took from "Medieval II Total War". It is the game I can spend hours for playing and I do not think this will change in the near future (This ideas are all my own ideas. Some people can think different about the total war games and I respect to that).
We expect Rome Total War III in an excited way and we ask Creaative Assembly to do "Medieval III Total War" by keeping the originality of the game and the scenerio to take same good feelings and pleasures again.

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