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31 Ağustos 2012 Cuma

"Freak the Mighty" by Rodman Philbrick

All of us have special kind of things affecting our lives very much like a book, a song, maybe a movie, maybe a paint, maybe a musical instrument and this list can differ for anyone in the world. For me, it was first just a movie, next it became a book, a thought, then it became a philosophy, and after that I got the thing behind the Rodman Philbrick tries to give me, it was just the life itself...
I met "Freak the Mighty" as a movie first, and funny, it was a coincidence to meet it, but I regret not knowing it before I met it. At the first glance, I thought that it is just a movie to fill my free time, and distract my boredom, but after I saw Kevin and his looking angle for the life woke me up for the things, people in my life, because after I saw his faith in life and his struggles which include that even if you are crippled and even if you know you will die soon, you can do amazing things, get a friend, be energetic, be joyful, be a knight, love the life... His struggles to communicate with Max, his science fair projects... Even if you see these scenes in the film, you may hate yourself and maybe judge your own life a little bit. 
In the film, Kevin tries to communicate with Max, because he is different from anyone like himself, he thinks Max is much more closer to him than anyone else in the world, he knows that he needs Max. This should be the case in life, but of course this is not the case, since people around you like to see you as a cheap person to abandon any time, let you down... Since it is easier to do earlier things when you are cheap, no one likes you to be different.
However, I think people should be different, struggle to find people they can get along easily, not behave improperly for different ones, behave like themselves. They should know that they miss something about different ones' lives, which is their looking angles for the life. That's why my messages are: be energetic!, be joyful!, do something nice!, be nice to other people! (I dont say be nice to everyone, because if you don't like someone else, you may choose not to talk to him/her, it is your choice), never give up believing in life!. Because no matter what, life is still nice to live and I'm sure that your Max is somewhere out there...


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