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19 Temmuz 2013 Cuma

Chris De(de) Burgh

My father told me about him. It was the time when I was 16 or 17 I guess, and I thought that "Hmm, why don't I find anything else new to listen?" and it was the time I started to listen James Blunt, One Republic, Take That etc. When I was watching James Blunt's "Carry You Home" music video, I said to my father that "Dad, did you check this song of James Blunt before?" (He is the person who watched "You're Beautiful" before anyone else in the family), he said "No", and he added "If you like these kind of songs, I know a singer called Chris De Burgh, his voice is softer than him(James Blunt), but full of emotion". This conversation made me curious about him and I remember that when I found the first chance to go online, I checked a song of Chris De Burgh. The rest? The rest is unexplainable. When I listen "A Woman's Heart", the song made me so happy and sad at the same time. The song was full of emotion. There was a beautiful background music,(first time in my life I figured out that an electro-guitar could be used in such a good way in a love song), an amazing voice, all lyrics were telling you something about relationships, women, love, life... I kept listening "Forevermore", "Carry Me(Like a Fire in Your Heart)", "Borderline", "The Last of Moments of The Dawn", "When I Think of You"... To sum up, I was fascinated by his songs. This was the beginning of an era.
After all, Chris De Burgh became one of my favourite artists, I bought several albums of him, his songs outnumbers songs of any artists in my playlist. I introduced him to my sis, and made her like him :)
Chris De Burgh's voice is such a voice that it can calm anybody, and I do not think about that he can yell at a person, he has such a voice. When I first heard that voice, it made me think that "That voice must belong to a noble man!!!" and if you read his life from somewhere you can see that, he lived in a castle once...  
If you love "love songs", he is one of the guys you have to give a shot...
We all admire you Chris De Burgh, I hope you will produce amazing songs "Forevermore"...
(p.s Dede means grandfather in Turkish. That's why, the title is Chris De(de) Burgh, because he looks like a nice grandpa :)

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