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30 Ağustos 2013 Cuma


Python is the first programming I learned at my freshman year in college. At first, it seemed to me a little bit complicated because I did not have any programming experience before. However, after I met different kinds of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, VHDL, MIPS, Haskell and many others, I realized that Python is much more simpler and easier to use than any others. What makes Python such a great language? I can give many reasons to that question:
First of all, Python forces you to use indentation when you write programs and this is especially useful for novice programmers like me :) Because using indentation when you write programs makes your much more readable and understandable.
Secondly, you can write sequential programs in Python like in any other imperative language but more that that Python has "class" feature like C++ and Java and this enables you to write Object-oriented programs. That's why, Python is another useful language not only for C programmers also for C++ and Java programmers used to doing OOP sytle programming.
Thirdly, Python has rich libraries and you can find many useful built-in functions and this feature is a time saver when you deal with large projects because you do not have write functions from scratch in this way.
(I could give many other reasons but) Finally, Python has dynamic data types. What does it mean? It means that you do not have to tell Python interpreter the type of variable. You can use it as a string, integer, float, character etc. You cannot do that in C or C++, because you have to declare the data type of a varible before you use it. In Python, a variable can act like any data type and you can play with it in which way you want! Unfortunately, this feature makes Python programs slower than corresponding C and C++ ones, but computers are fast enough today, so if you write small programs, it is not even worth to talk about speed differences :)
If you are a novice programmer, I highly recommend you to use Python to enter programming world. You will see that it is worth to use...


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