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6 Ekim 2014 Pazartesi

Heroes of Might and Magic Online

This imake is taken from blog.heroes-online.com
There was on ad on a website saying "The best MMO game of all time" then I saw that it is Heroes of Might & Magic :) I had known Heroes series before although I had not played too much. Everyone knows that Heroes series is one of the pioneers of its kind and it is really fun to play. How about online version of it? Will it be good, better? To answer of all these questions, I had to wait till October 3 2014, after a year I saw the ad, since the game was close beta at that day, so only a few selected players could play it, but now I can play it too, so I can share my experiences here:
First of all, if you are a heroes fan, you will absolutely love this game, same game, same graphics but online version, so you can share your journey with other players, talk, chat, laugh etc. :) Secondly, this game does not force you to sit front of computer and play all day. If your troops are gone, you are done for today. Third one is support team listens to you and immediately reply your questions. Although the game has still bugs in it, support team deals with it and tries to fix it in the first maintainance. Finally, if you are a non-coiner, you can enjoy the game by doing quests, chatting with your friends and helping other players. On the other hand, if you are a coiner, you can purchase powerful stuff and play to be the best, so both sides can enjoy the game from their perspective. I hope you guys enjoy the game as much as I do. I'll see you there :) Game Link

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