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20 Ekim 2014 Pazartesi

LEGO Batman The Video Game

This image is taken from en.wikipedia.org
LEGO Batman is the first LEGO video game I have ever played. I think it was 2010 when I first played with my sister. Yeah, that's true :) LEGO games can be played with two players on a same computer on a same keyboard. Actually, it is much more fun like this because LEGO games are designed in such a way that cooperation is essential, so both players do something and have fun together.
Anyway, I think LEGO Batman is one of the masterpiece of TT Games and after I played LEGO Batman 2, I can say that first one is better imao :) You may think that I'm a guy who does not like games following the first one but that is not true. I think Prehistoric 2 is better than the first one :)
If you want to play LEGO games, if you grow up by building LEGOs and if you love to smash things, this game is essential for you. I'm sure you'll be addicted to LEGO games after play this one. Have fun!

                                                                                                                 - ORION

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