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10 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi

Counter Strike Global Offensive

This image is taken from http://steamcommunity.com/ for informational purposes only
I met Counter Strike games in 2002, and till then if I find free time, I try to play and enjoy them. First Counter Strike games were very enjoyable and I think very successful for its genre. However, I have a doubt to buy Counter Strike Global Offensive because I had a fear that this one will not be as much fun as former games but then I decided to go for it. After playing 2 weeks (I bought it 2 weeks ago from now), I can say that developers really did a great job. First of all, you can still feel playing the same old Counter Strike games, plus there are some new game types which are very enjoyable. For example, in my opinion, "Arms Race" game type is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in a game because it is super fast and fun to play and it teaches how to use different guns effectively. Also, "Demolition Mode" is one of the game types which includes bomb planting in small maps. That's why, you have to be fast and you have to know how to hide in these small maps. If you do not want to play these new types and just want to play classic style, you can find many community servers dedicated to classical gameplay of Counter Strike.
To sum up, if you grow in an internet cafe :) or if you really love FPS games, I'm sure you will find this game fun, take care and have fun... Steam Link

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