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17 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi


This image is taken from https://www.khronos.org/news/logos/ for informational purposes only
OpenGL is a software package consisting of libraries which are callable from many computer languages to create 2D, 3D computer graphics applications. It is basically consisting of functions you can call when you write your programs and because you call these functions, you do not have to deal with every detailed geometric calculations, OpenGL does them for you, so what you have to deal with is just thinking your program's general features, structure, and flow. Thus, OpenGL creates a level of abstraction and makes your life easier.
With OpenGL, you can draw points, triangles, cubes, curves, surfaces etc. and you can manipulate these objects by pressing buttons, mouse clicks etc. Therefore, you can create animations with OpenGL. I met OpenGL like two weeks ago, so I am not an expert, but I can say that it really impressed me because of its usability, easiness etc. so in later times, I'll try to share some basic OpenGL programs created by myself. Take care yourselves, bye :)

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