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21 Kasım 2014 Cuma

Sequoia Trees

This image is taken from www.calrma.com for informational purposes only
Sequoia Trees are the tallest trees in the world (Maybe they are the tallest living organisms in the world, but I'm not sure about that). They can grow up to 87 m and their width can reach 34 m. It is estimated that the world's oldest sequoia trees are 1800-2700 years old. That's why, each of them should be considered as one of the world wonders individually. Thanks to the recent precautions, these trees are protected in national parks in the west coast of the USA. These giant trees' name is originated from a famous Cherokee Indian - Sequoyah although some people claim this is not the case. In the Cherokee language, Sequoia means Giant Redwood Tree which clearly shows the origin of the name of these trees.
It may seem awkward to love trees for someone who lives in urban areas, but in these days, we actually should love every creature much more than we have loved before, because if we do not, we will hand down our children a corrupted nature which the life will not be present, so let's all protect the nature and love the environment we live in, because building bigger buildings and building shopping malls, shopping centers will not make our life better and more luxurious. That's all I can say about this topic, because I know that most of the people will continue to destroy nature until the environment is totally depleted. However, I believe that little things all together can change everything, be safe...

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