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16 Ağustos 2012 Perşembe

Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and the Rest... (2)

Where were we left? Yes, we were talking about F1 World, especially two legendary names: Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso. In my former writing I have talked about M.Schumacher, his personality, how he affected my life etc. That's why this writing is especially dedicated for Fernando Alonso.
I think the year was 2003 or 2004 which Fernando Alonso won his first race in Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, and many people were not aware of that a new legendary name was coming to the F1 World. In next year, with the help of Renault F1 Team, Fernando broke M.Schumacher's domination and brought a new fresh air to the F1 World, people was applausing this new, young man's success and they knew that this was not just a chance, this was a big accomplishment and they had to respect to that. Also, Alonso showed same achivement in 2006 season, and they proved that he is a great pilot and he has a great personality (Showing gentleman behaviours to their rivals in races or outside of races). (You know that 2006 was the year that M.Schumacher retired, maybe he lost his challenging and competitive soul because of Fernando Alonso :) Of course, this is just a joke, sometimes it was time to quit and you knew that, and you quit, like Pete Sampras (In the following years M.Schumacher made my point more clear (!) by returning F1.)) The following years, unlike many opponent ideas, I think that they were great years for Fernando Alonso too, because he learnt how people disappoint you and protect its own country pilot (the case of Mclaren-Lewis Hamilton), and successs does not give you more success, sometimes you have to go upside down to recover yourself again, and Fernando Alonso saw these things, recovered himself again and today, we see his competitive, challenging personality and to be honest it makes us happy :) More importantly, seeing this men gives regular people strategies about how to make yourself more confident, how to make yourself more challenging, how to resist hardships, obstacles in real life, how to compete with someone by obeying moral rules as a gentleman, how to recover yourself again... Therefore, one question is left to be asked which is "Why do not we admire Fernando Alonso and his personality too?" This is enough for this week, see you next week with some different topic...


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