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23 Ağustos 2012 Perşembe

"The Script" and "#3"

"#3" will be the third studio album of the amazing band called "The Script", it is very exciting, because "The Script" is the band which has changed my musical taste and simply I love their music style, and I think they are very different from any other rock bands.
I met "The Script" in 2008, and it was ridiculously a chance to hear their song "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" from a radio channel on TV, which was RTL 102.5, an Italien music station, playing awesome video clips and songs and I think this music station examines video clips very carefully before they will be played on this channel (because you cannot find any trash kind of music there). After I listened to the song, I searched the Internet to listen to their other songs and I really enjoyed when listening to "Breakeven","Before the Worst" and "Talk You Down". The first thing I did in the next day was buying their album "The Script", and even today I can feel the same taste when I listen to it as if I listened "For the First Time":)
Although I may not say the same beautiful words for their second album "Science&Faith" (It is totally my idea), it also includes some beautiful songs like "For the First Time", "Dead Man Walking" and "Long Gone and Moved On".
I hope with their third album, I can start to feel the same musical taste again as I felt in their first album, with their opening track "Hall of Fame" my hope is increasing actually.
I love "The Script", their songs, personalities of the band members, and I hope they will follow the same quality line for so many years that each upcoming album will make us feel excited every time...
Take care everyone!!!


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