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5 Eylül 2014 Cuma

Napoleon Total War

This image is taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon:_Total_War
Another game of famous Total War series which is released in 2010 after his older brother Empire Total War. Although the game interface is similar to his brother Empire Total War, there are some aspects of the game different from older games. For example, instead of a great campaign, the game has little sub-campaigns which happen in different regions of Europe such as in Spain, Italy etc. Also, I have to state that I did not experience any problem such as "Napoleon Total War has stopped working" which I get a lot when playing Empire Total War. As a result, this game seems to be an improved and bug fixed version of Empire Total War. However, I do not say that it is a complete and playable for hours game, rather it seems a mini game released after Empire Total War, but if you are a Total War fan like me, I'm sure that you will enjoy the game as much as I did...


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