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26 Eylül 2014 Cuma

Python Classes, Inheritance & Polymorphism

This image is taken from stackoverflow.com
In my article on this blog called "Python", I have discussed some aspects of Python programming languages. I said that Python is great for novice programmers, it is easy to learn, it encourages clean coding and I still behind what I said before :) Later days, I improved my Python experience and designed a few basic classes, implemented inheritance and polymorphism in those classes. As a result, I saw that unlike C++, Python classes are so much easier to implement and design. You do not have deal with virtual keywords and you do not have to care about which data type you use, because as you know Python is dynamically typed language. Thus, if you deal with Python some day, you will notice that it is a great programming language and your mind will compare it with other programming languages without your will, thanks...


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