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12 Eylül 2014 Cuma

Pokemon Trading Card Game

This image is taken from odofaction.com
On these days, I'm into Pokemon Trading Card Game, because I'm bored playing same games again and again, then I decided to search different genres. Then, I found Pokemon TCG. At the first glance, the game does not welcome you with amazing graphics and amazing game animations. However, playibility and fun of the game is just amazing. You can learn the game in a few minutes, then you can build your own pokemon decks by earning player tokens, buy stuff from shop by using these tokens and challenge other online players and add them as friends. Because of all these reasons, the game is worth to play. At least, you should give a try. By the way, although the game has a shop, real life money does not make a huge difference on this platform, you can easily gain tokens by playing the game and defeating online players, so if you are looking for a challenging game, this game is perfect for you. Have fun :) Game link
This image is taken from www.pokemon.com
(p.s Try to trade cards with better ones, by doing that you can build a strong deck)
TCG: Trading Card Game

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