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29 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Online Gaming and Some Critical Observations

Online massively multiplayer gaming is one of the hot areas in gaming industry and there is really huge profit there. However, is making a multiplayer game and wait people to play them a good idea? Of course not. To attract people, there are some advertising strategies. First of all, using social media and giving ads to social platforms are effective ways. Lots of people spend most of their time in social media platforms, so attracting people and making them play your game on social media environments is much more convenient than giving TV commercials. Secondly, do not bother players with e-mails. This technique is used some of game companies and honestly I hate these mails, because if I find your game fun and worth to play, I can play any time, you guys do not have to bother me with these junk mails. Finally, if you are game developer, you should not miss game conventions and game jams for advertising purposes. Either amateur or professional, you can register and attend to these game events and you can show your game(s) to everyone interested in.
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Apart from advertising techniques, there are certain criterias that should be in and should not be in your game. First of all that came into my mind is do not make your game *f2p and *p2w at the same time. At first, people may be attracted to your game because of f2p feature. However, later they can realize that they have to pay to continue playing your game. This may result in huge amount of loss in your player number, so do not treat them as your customers, treat them as fellow gamers. Another thing is that do not make a game that you do not want to play. After you finish development stage, play your game yourself with your close friends. If you get enough fun out of it, people may like it as well. Also, this stage may be considered as closed beta and help you to find bugs and correct them in earlier stages. Last factor I want to mention in this article is that keep your game up to date. Creating new and special events like halloween, christmas, valentine's day and making special offers to players can keep your games alive and they can be much more fun. However, do not force players to sell things in these special occasions, just make your offers and watch the results and be fair to both coiner and non-coiner players in your games, cheers :)
(These article is written according to my personal experiences in some online multiplayer games, after I observe other critical issues, I'm glad to share in this blog)

*f2p: Free to play
*p2w: Pay to win


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