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15 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Zach Braff

The image is taken from www.bbc.co.uk

I saw this man in "Scrubs" TV series first, his mimics, his behaviour and his acting were so real and unexaggerated that I feel that I'm watching some random guy on the street, it was so untouched... I thought I guess this man is funny in his personal life too, because the things he did on his performances cannot be explained with the word "acting", he just plays like himself, at least I felt that way. At first, I did not know that he made a couple of movies of drama genre, but then I watched "The Garden State", and I enjoyed every milisecond of that movie. Furthermore, this was a proof that he can play in movies with sad back story and full of emotion. In addition to these, he can direct movies, that means he will not disappear after he quits his acting career. I'm sure he will present us great movies from different genres.
You are one of my favourite actors Zach Braff, and I hope you stay like yourself all the time, do not leave us alone like my other favourite actor Robin Williams does... (p.s. Yeah he looks like Dax Shaperd but they are not related

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